About Dubai Marina Luxury Yacht

Luxury Yacht Rentals

Dubai Marina Luxury Yacht have been a front-runner when it comes to organizing luxury yacht trips in Dubai. Since, inception, the firm has been maintaining its own fleet, with all the experts under a single roof as we never liked to keep things outsourced. Our staff being from a multi-lingual background is able to gel well with people from all round the globe who are here to get the taste of the real UAE.

“Cruising, fishing and Yacht parties… we’re the best bet!!!”

Our mission still remains to be the front-runner in tourism sector by providing the best-in-class luxury yacht services.

Our vision is to be the very best when it comes to client satisfaction and value for money services. Maintaining the brand, while still growing every day with the valued staff responsible for the unprecedented growth.

What all we do for you?

Ø Catering

Ø Anniversaries

Ø Parties

Ø Birthdays

Ø Limo services

Ø Boat decorations

WHY CHOOSE Dubai Marina Luxury Yacht?

Ø Excellent recommendations

Ø Best budget

Ø Experienced service providers

Ø Quality and safety under the same roof

Ø Customized packages