“We Deliver Only the BEST…”

Entertainment is one of the most crucial elements of a business, irrespective of the niche. You need someone who can take care of your clients, employees and prospective associates in an unforgettable manner. This is where we, Dubai Marina Luxury yachts come in.
Dubai Marina Luxury yacht services believes in offering a 360-degree approach when it comes to its premier services. Covering all corners, we cover all aspects starting from venue pick-up to customized yacht selection to mouth-watering refreshments or catering services.
We are one of the most respected brands when it comes to luxury yacht services. With a pool of in-house yacht experts and organizers, who use their network and experience to offer the best luxury experience to the guests. When it comes to things like luxury Yacht services, you need someone who is the best!.

“Time to have some quality fun!!!”

Whether you are a looking to provide truly unforgettable experiences for your most loyal clients or simply an avid fan fascinated by Luxury Yachts, we offer the perfect VIP Hospitality packages. There are additional options to include logos, branding and gifts within the suites.

Who doesn’t love the mystic sunrays covering their faces for that unimaginable golden glow? Let’s enjoy the cool breeze while enjoying the visual delight of the UAE and what other can be the best way, than in a yacht? For those who have been with us earlier, have an idea of how the beauty of the Arabic sea work wonders for anyone who is a tourist at heart.

What we can do for you?

Ø Best price for the best package
Ø Professional service with friendly suggestions
Ø Best variety of luxury yachts
Ø Fishing boats
Ø Best catering services
Ø Professional photography services to add the finishing touch
Ø Best on-board entertainment options

Hire Boat in Dubai with Multiple Offerings

For everlasting experience and memories, MY Cruises offers additional services of



ØOn-board entertainment

Call us our 24/7 Hotline +971555764635 or fill the booking form. One of our experienced professional will call you back and take all your requirements to setup a memorable yachting tour for you.

  • Jetski Charter

    Let’s add a touch of adventure and thrill to your aquatic experience. We provide you with the best quality and well-maintained Jet Skis that allows you to tear the mystic waves of Dubai Marina.

  • Fishing Trips

    Not all boats are suited for fishing and same applies to the waters. Allow us to make sure you enjoy the best time here with our luxury fishing trips. Enjoy your catch!

  • Sunset Cruise

    Imagine experiencing a beautiful Dubai sunset in person. Relive the photographic dream yourself in the best luxury cruise. There’s much more to reality than you expect. Contact us!

  • Sight-seeing Trips

    How about a boat trip with your close friends and explore the deep blue seas of the gulf? Or How about a nice swim in the cool water as the waves astonish you with a feel never experienced before? If you find this enticing, then feel free to get in touch with us.

  • Wedding Functions

    Wedding is a once in a lifetime affair so allow us to make it large for you. Make the beautiful occasion even prettier by adding the elegance of water and exchange the sacred wows with the beautiful Dubai sunset as witness. There’s much more to imagination…!